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Simply Extra Galentine’s Party

Whitney Watkins

4 min read

Feb 7



Want to throw a beautiful, festive and fun Galentines party for your friends and their littles? We've got you covered! We hosted a Galentines party for some of my mom friends and their little girls. We had everything from balloon arches to heart-themed treats, to make it a celebration to remember.

This is probably my favorite balloon arch I've ever made. The heart balloons, streamers and heart garland took it to the next level and it was the perfect backdrop for some fun pictures with our heart sunglasses and lip whistles.

I always go for fresh flowers at my parties. Beautiful flower arrangements are an easy way to create the perfect centerpieces for your tables that make a statement. I love finding new ways to make my flower arrangements go with the theme. For these I used small candy hearts, large candy hearts and these awesome heart lights I found here. The lights even came with a remote control, so once I hid the battery in the arrangement I didn't have to go digging through to flowers to turn them on and off, I couldn't easily do it from across the room. How great is that!

I wanted to create a special area for the kids to hang out so I moved our little table to the window, added some Valentine window clings and this adorable kids table centerpiece. I knew to put anything on a kids table, it had to be kid friendly (aka not breakable or too messy). I used a clear plastic cup, put a couple of rocks in the bottom to hold it up and filled in around it will pom pom balls. Then put in these cute and sparkly decorations I found at Dollar Tree and tied a ribbon around the cup. Surprisingly it survived the party, even with kids climbing on the table.

I used our Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs and these adorable heart pillows as a fun reading/calm down area. Next to it was a basket with Valentine themed books, sensory bottles and sound tubes. My kids have been using this the entire month and they love it.

The craft table was the highlight of the party. I wrapped my dining room table in white craft paper and added lots of art supplies including markers, crayons, stickers, foam hearts, stamps, scissors, glue and a couple of craft kits from Hobby Lobby. The kids had so much fun creating and coloring. This also served as a disposable table cloth making my clean up a breeze, win win!

The food. Oh the food! This is always my favorite part of the party. As you can tell from the rest of my blog I'm a foodie. I love cooking, eating, experimenting and being creative with my food. My new favorite way to serve food is a grazing table. I love a party where I can drink and snack the whole time and that's just what you get with a grazing table. This Valentine themed table was fun to create by adding in little Valentine details throughout.

Strawberry Sangria. Oh my goodness, go make it now. It was delicious. Made with fresh strawberries, rosé wine, strawberry vodka and lemon lime soda for a sweet, refreshing and pretty pink drink complete with a heart strawberry and fancy straw.

For the kids drinks we had Cupid's Raspberry Lemonade Ice Cream Floats and pink lemonade. I found these precious lip and heart cups through Shein. Something about drinking out of a fun cup makes everything taste better, am I right?

Mini PB&J heart sandwiches, Valentine Snack Mix, Salami Roses and Mozzarella hearts.

Brie cheese wheel with a Strawberry preserves heart.

Cherry tomatoes and mozzarella pearls on a pretty toothpick drizzled with homemade pesto.

Pretty little heart and lip pizzas. I used store bought crust and a cookie cutter to cut out the shapes, topped with sauce, cheese and a heart pepperoni and baked until cheese was melted. Quick and easy, adorable and bite sized.

Use those cookie cutters! Cookie cutters are an easy way to bring in little shape details to your table. I filled these XO cookie cutters up with heart shaped Twizzler candy bites.

Fruit dip is always a hit, topped with festive sprinkles to fit the theme and mini fruit kabobs. Strawberry tea sandwiches were yummy and easy to make by spreading strawberry cream cheese on bread and topping with a slice of strawberry.

My daughter doesn't believe any party is complete without gummies! She wanted to eat every single package of these Good & Gather fruit gummies. I went for the Rice Krispie treats myself, made the traditional way and topped with Valentine sprinkles because sprinkles make everything 'extra.'

When the party sadly ended we sent everyone home with one of our DIY Lollipop Valentines.

This Galentines will be one to remember. We had so much fun with our friends. My daughter is already asking for "people to come here again." Girl loves a party as much as her Mama! I hope this inspires you to throw your own Simply Extra Galentines and bring all the love to those around you. XOXO

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