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DIY Lollipop Valentines

Whitney Watkins

2 min read

Feb 6



Looking for a fun and easy way to show your love this Valentine's Day? Check out these adorable DIY Lollipop Valentines. Perfect for your Galentines or Valentines party or to give to friends, family, students or teachers.

DIY Lollipop Valentines

These Lollipop Valentines are the perfect addition to your Valentine or Galentines party or an adorable treat for your friends, students, teachers or family. They are easy to make and most of my supplies I found at Dollar Tree, keeping them affordable to make. I used small plastic ice cream bowls, pink and red easter grass, pipe cleaners, pretty ribbon, cellophane and these straws to make them. I filled them with candy, a Valentine bracelet, lip whistle and stamp for the little girls in attendance at our Galentines party. For moms or teachers I would fill these with my brown sugar lip scrub or lip balm for an extra special way for them to treat themselves. Watch the video below for a full tutorial on how to make them yourselves. I know everyone will love them!

Lollipop Valentines



  • Small plastic bowls

  • Easter grass or Cellophane Shred

  • Valentine treats

  • Tape

  • Plastic straw or tubing, like these

  • Pipe Cleaners

  • Hot glue gun

  • Cellophane

  • Ribbon


  • Fill 2 small plastic bowls 2/3 full with easter grass.

  • Place Valentine treats in one bowl.

  • Carefully place the other bowl on top of the other bowl containing treats.

  • Use a piece of tape on each side to hold together.

  • Place a pipe cleaner inside the plastic straw or tubing to make the colored "stick"

  • Turn your bowls upside down and place a dollop of hot glue in the middle of bowl.

  • Place "stick" end onto hot glue and allow to cool.

  • Place top of lollipop onto a piece of cellophane and pull up around sides to cover it and coming down onto the stick.

  • Using ribbon, secure the cellophane around base.

DIY Lollipop Valentines

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