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Cupid’s Raspberry Lemonade Ice Cream Float - Dye Free

Whitney Watkins

2 min read

Jan 30



Indulge in a Cupid’s Ice cream raspberry lemonade float, dye free and oh-so-adorable! Perfect for a fun and festive Valentine’s Day treat.

Cupids Raspberry Lemonade  Ice Cream Float - Dye Free

Want to make your kid the trending Cupid's float but also avoiding red dye? Me too! I scoured the internet trying to find a recipe just as cute that was dye free and found nothing. They all include a red soda or punch, which are pretty and red but loaded with red dye 40. So being the "extra" mom that I am, I made my own. It contains sweet lemon lime soda, tangy raspberry lemonade and creamy vanilla ice cream. Add natural red food coloring to make it pink and whipped topping and dye free sprinkles for extra fun. It's delicious, dye free and even cuter, if I do say so myself! Although, if we're being honest, my little one didn't care if it was cute or not. She slurped it down so fast she didn't even see what it looked like. I think that means she loved it! Also, she keeps asking for more of "that drink I had the other day," almost everyday.

Cupids Raspberry Lemonade  Ice Cream Float - Dye Free

Most of these ingredients are easy to find at your local grocery store. The only thing I had some trouble finding are dye free sprinkles, especially anything red or pink. This is optional to add but sprinkles make everything more fun in my opinion so I was determined to find some. I found not one but two great brands on Amazon, Watkins and Supernatural. They both use vegetable food coloring instead of red dye, but you couldn't tell by looking at them. They're bright and bold colors just like the fake stuff.

Our local Kroger carries a natural food coloring in their Simple Truth brand. The red coloring is optional but needed to get the pretty pink color.

I found these adorable straws at Target, here. They were just perfect to top it off and fun to drink out of.

Now go "cheers" to being red dye free on Valentine's Day with these Cupid's Floats. I know your kids will love it, and so will you!

Cupid's Float



  • Lemon lime soda

  • Natural red food coloring

  • Vanilla ice cream

  • Simply Raspberry Lemonade

  • Whipped topping

  • Dye free sprinkles (optional)


  • For sprinkle rim, dip cup into a bowl of whipped topping coating about 1/4 inch of rim. Then dip into a bowl of sprinkles to coat the whipped topping.

  • Fill your cup half way with lemon lime soda.

  • Stir in 2-4 drops natural red food coloring.

  • Drop in 1-3 scoops vanilla ice cream.

  • Fill cup rest of the way up with Simply Raspberry Lemonade.

  • Top with whipped topping, sprinkles, strawberry and a fun straw!


Cupids Raspberry Lemonade  Ice Cream Float - Dye Free

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