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Valentine Love Baskets

Whitney Watkins

2 min read

Feb 8



Valentine Love Baskets for a 1 & 3 year old

Now that my girls are getting a little older I wanted to make a special love basket for them for Valentine's Day. I'm so excited about how these turned out and all the adorable goodies I found to fill them with. When making a special basket I try to use a bag or basket we'll be able to use again. This year I went with these precious jelly bags we'll be able to use for our pool days this summer. My girls are in to carrying their own bags recently so these will be the perfect size to add their sunglasses, sunscreen, coverup, drink cups, snacks and any other necessities they 'must' have.

Valentine Love Basket for a 3 year old

This purple jelly bag is for my 3 year old. Purple is her favorite color so I'm always happy when I can what I'm looking for in a pretty purple color. This lavender purple of the jelly bag is just adorable and I know she'll love it. She is loving the Fancy Nancy series books lately. We had the original from the Library and I think I renewed it 3 times before I finally just bought our own copy. I filled her bag with:

  • Fancy Nancy Heart to Heart book - Amazon

  • Sticker Book - Michaels

  • Unicorn Slippers - Amazon

  • Be Mine Sweatshirt - Amazon

  • Heart and Llama Socks - Amazon

  • Purple flower cup - TJ Maxx

  • Butterfly Multicolored Pen - Michaels

  • Red Piggy Paint Nail Polish - Amazon

  • Yum Earth Organic Heart Gummies - TJ Maxx

  • Heart Sunglasses - Amazon

Valentine Love Basket for a 1 year old

The pink bag is for my one year old. She wants everything her sister has and loves anything that lights up. She still sleeps in the onesie pj's and the Little Sleepies brand is so soft and I like that the feet are out making for less slips on our hard floors. I filled her bag with:

  • Peekaboo Love Book - Amazon

  • Happy Valentines Day Mouse Book - Amazon

  • Valentine Pajamas - Little Sleepies

  • Sweet Sweatshirt - Amazon

  • Heart Socks - Amazon

  • Light Up Unicorn - Michaels

  • Squishy Heart - Michaels

  • Garden Veggie Hearts - Target

  • Plum Organic Snacks - Walmart

  • Heart Sunglasses - Amazon

I can't wait to give them their bags on Valentine's Day and will make this a tradition for them to look forward to for years to come. See the video below for an up close of each item I included in their bags.

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