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Easter Peep Flower Arrangement

Whitney Watkins

2 min read

Mar 28



Create a colorful and fun centerpiece for your Easter celebration with this easy DIY Easter Peep Flower Arrangement. Simple, beautiful, and perfect for the holiday!

Easter Peep Flower Arrangement

I love a beautiful and colorful flower arrangement and this one might be my favorite. Bright colored peeps, pretty spring tulips and it took less than 10 minutes to create. It's the perfect centerpiece for our Easter celebration and brings me joy every time I look at it. Even my husband made a comment about how "cool" it was, you know it's great if he notices the flower arrangements!

Easter Peep Flower Arrangement

How to make your own Easter Peep Flower Arrangement:

To create your own Easter Peep Flower Arrangement you will need-

  • one large cylinder vase

  • one smaller cylinder vase

  • peeps in varying color

  • bouquet of flowers

I found my vases at Hobby Lobby for half off. Make sure the smaller vase fits into the middle of the larger vase leaving a gap around the outside. Drop peep marshmallows into the gap between the vases going all the way around then layer the colors on top of each other. Fill the middle vase with water, careful not to spill on your peeps. Place your pre-arranged bouquet into the water and enjoy your beautiful and fun centerpiece for Easter. Tip: you may have to trim the ends of your flowers so that they sit down into your vase more depending on the size.

Watch the video HERE of me making this pretty arrangement.

Easter Peep Flower Arrangement

Doesn't it make a simple, fun and beautiful centerpiece!? I love it so much I think this will be a repeat for Easter next year, or maybe every year!

If you make an Easter Peep Flower Arrangement for your Easter tablescape be sure to comment with a picture below or tag me or #simplyextralife so I can see your awesome arrangement!

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